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Frank Millington, SMD

I grew up in Calgary from the age of 3 and coming from a Family of 6 I knew that my Dad had to work hard to keep us all fed and comfortable and make sure my Mom could stay at home and take good care of us.  By the age of 10 I had to learn all about hard work since my parents decided to divorce and now the burden of raising children fell onto a single parent. 

From the age of 10 I started to learn about hard work and the importance of money and finance.  I always enjoyed working hard to earn my way and I took that attitude into all I did.  By the age of 20 I had owned my first business running a gas station, but due to an unseen Gulf War, that business eventually failed, but I knew that being a business owner was what I wanted. 

At the age of 22 I enrolled into Devry Institute of Technology and graduated in Dallas Texas February 1993 with an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Electronics.  I thought that I had found my place in the world and I quickly came home to see what was available, but there was not allot of opportunity at that time.  I ended up working odd jobs, and found myself soon leaving to serve for 2 years as a full time missionary for my faith.  When I returned home in May of 1996 I again went back to school for upgrading thinking that a Bachelor Degree was the way, but soon found that most companies were not paying anymore for having the degree. 

I got my first shot at working in my career job at the end of 1996 for an Oil company, Tri-ener-Tech.  Starting at $12/hr I was so excited.  Newly Married to Tara Guinn in December of 1996 we were excited to get our life started.  We both attended school and we also had a family cleaning business that we took part in to pay the bills.  Once I started work, I continued to work both jobs knowing that we wanted to start a family and I knew that one job would not pay the bills.  I am thankful for a Father and Mother in law who was able to provide the additional income through cleaning office buildings.  We had two children within 20 months apart and then could have no more, or at least not for a while. 

I worked in an oil company for 3 years and then moved on to a railroad electronics company where we manufactured and serviced all the electronics necessary to run a locomotive.  Both jobs allowed me to work with quality people, but the underlying corporate issues were always there.  The bottom line was to work, and make money for shareholders and at times at all costs.  It caused me to miss the childhood of my first two children because I had to work so many hours, and then go to a second job in order to live a comfortable life.  For over 7 years I did this, but that all changed when I was able to sit down with Tony Cormack from World Financial Group.

On a day where we were visiting a family I found out that he was about to quit his full time job with a computer company and go full time with WFG or World Financial Group.  I asked what it was all about and he invited me to come and listen to a corporate overview so I could get my questions answered.  I finally did 3 weeks later and I was so excited for what I saw.  I actually had more questions then answers, but one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to be a part of what I saw. 

I returned the next day to interview with Tony and his Mentor Vince Smith to find out more.  I returned home to discuss the opportunity with my wife Tara and because of the excitement that she saw in me, she felt that it was worthy to give it a try.  That was May of 2002. 

With the terrible tragedy of 911 in 2001 there was a threat to the transportation industry and so being in the railroad business there was always a concern that things could change for us to.  By May of 2003 I was Life Insurance licensed with WFG and ready to start making some changes.  I was still working two jobs and now I was involved in a third, WFG.  I knew that I would have to give up something in order to focus on what I really wanted and through the licensing process I knew that I really wanted and needed this business.  I needed to be able to have control of my time and my income if I was ever to have a life of my own.  After 7 years of doing what everyone else wanted me to do for the first time I was back in position to be a business owner and do what I wanted to do. 

May 2003 we had a special meeting at my career job in electronics and that was the day that I knew what I was going to do.  We were told that with the Canadian dollar getting stronger and the fact that 911 changed the way our business was run, they could no longer benefit from having our division open in Canada anymore.  They had decided to move all operations to their facitlity in Germantown near Washington DC.  I actually may have been the only one in the room with a smile becasue I already knew my path and had set things in motion to make the switch into the Financial Services Industry. 

I knew that it would not be easy and would take hard work, but I knew I was up for the task.  Within a little over a year I was able to replace my full time income and within 3 years of being licensed I started earning a 6 figure income.  I have created many wonderful friendships, and relationships with so many great people.  The friendships that I have made at WFG I believe are the strongest and most valuable to me that I could have.  I have been able to take my family to many places and most of all I have been able to have time, allot of time with my wife and children.  We since have been able to have 2 more and I am now part of a family of 6 again. 

I love being a part of World Financial Group, it has been the best decision I have ever made.  Regardless of what is going on in the world, I know that I have important information and education to give to people, all people.  It does not matter what their degree of knowledge or what their net worth is, everyone deserves an opportunity to learn about money and finance. 

When my wife and I were first married we did not know anything about how money worked, and I thought I was a smart guy, but unless I got the right education, how could I possibly make the best decisions.  I could only make decisions based on what I knew and that is why I am on a mission to inform and educate everyone I can so that they do not make the same mistakes I did.

I have been with WFG for 8 years now and feel that I still have allot of work to do, even more than ever.  There is a massive need to educate and help families and individuals more than ever.  We all need a person willing to just listen and that is what I intend to do. 

I am excited to wake up everyday to read my goals, and hug my wife and children and go to my office where I get to hang out with my best friends, and help families and get paid well for doing it.  It is my passion and it is my life.  I tell my kids that I do not go to work, but that I go to war for families against the institutions that continually take advantage of people and their finances everyday, I go to fight for them.  That is what I do, and in turn I am fighting for my family and making sure that I leave them a legacy to be proud of.


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